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Improve the sleep of your students and staff, to enhance the health, resilience and performance of your school community.

Approximately 70% of teenagers experience insufficient sleep.

Focusing on sleep health in schools is vital as we become increasingly aware of the relationship between insufficient sleep and reduced academic outcomes, psychological problems, reduced school attendance and increases in risk-taking behaviours.

Good quality sleep helps:

Read below to learn more on the effects of insufficient sleep in the school environment and the options to empower you to play a role in helping students improve their sleep health.

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Sleep for Children and Teenagers


The Sleep Connection Programs

Sleep for Better Health, Resilience and Performance - Program for Students, Staff and Parents

There are various options for  parent and staff programs. Traditionally the staff session focused on student wellbeing, however increasingly requests are for the staff program to focus more on supporting staff wellbeing. The Sleep Connection will work with you to find the best options for your parents and staff communities.

The student program can be tailored to suit students from Stage 3 through to Year 12. Contact The Sleep Connection for a complementary conversation regarding the best year groups to run the program for in your school, including from a more preventative perspective.  

The aims of the programs are to provide a simple, yet effective framework to help students, parents and staff:

Invite The Sleep Connection in to your school community to implement the Sleep for Better Health, Resilience and Performance program.

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Whole-School Approach

Additionally The Sleep Connection aims to collaborate further with schools and equip them with ideas they can implement for more of a whole-school approach to becoming a “sleep smart school”. 

Solutions you can implement now

Identify sleepy children in the school environment

Key Red Flags Include:

  • Tired body language
  • Behaviour: Younger children can exhibit symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), becoming excitable, hyperactive, disagreeable and engaging in extreme behaviours like tantrums or aggression
  • Difficulties concentrating, poor short term memory, declining grades
  • Moody and stressed
  • Late for school

Create a Culture of Sleep Awareness

Talk to parents and students. Ask them:

  • About the amount of sleep the student is getting. Parents often underestimate this. Ask for sleep time/ awake time and if the student has long sleep-ins on the weekend.
  • If the student has difficulty waking up and getting going in the morning

Encourage parents and students to:

  • Visit The Sleep Connection website
  • Seek professional help

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