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Why a Sleep Program?

Over 30% of primary school children and 70% of teenagers experience insufficient sleep. This is having a significant impact on many areas of their lives such as:

  • Learning and academic performance: Good quality sleep is essential for both pre and post learning. Poor sleep decreases motivation, concentration and memory consolidation.
  • Mental health and resilience: Poor sleep negatively impacts relationships, overall mood and can be associated with depression, anxiety, negative body image and low self-esteem.
  • Behaviour and decision making: Poor sleep impacts decision making capacity, has a negative effect on behaviour and increases risk of accidents.
  • Physical Health: Poor sleep affects children’s physical growth, brain development, immune system and plays a key role in weight gain.

Program Aims

  • Create awareness of the level of sleep deprivation among students and the effect this is having on all aspects of their lives.
  • Empower participants with the knowledge, practical strategies and tools to make informed decisions regarding their sleep health.
  • Equip staff with ideas they can implement, along with options for a whole-school approach to creating a “sleep smart school”.

Program Content

  • Sleep diary, questionnaire and workbook.
  • What happens to our brain and body during the 5 stages of sleep?
  • How much sleep do we need to function optimally?
  • Effects of sleep deprivation on our learning, emotional health and physical health.
  • Causes of sleep deprivation: physical, psychological, habits and lifestyle.
  • Impact of electronic devices on sleep.
  • Signs of sleep deprivation.
  • Smart sleep habits.
  • Where to get further information and/or professional help.

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    Student Program Options

    Program 1

    One-part presentation (50-60 minutes)


    Program 2

    Two-part presentation and workshop over two different days (60-75 minutes)

    Program 3

    Two-part presentation and workshop on same day (90-110  minutes)

    Happy Students

    All programs include a workbook and a two-week sleep diary.

    Student Workshop

    Available with Programs 2 and 3 and includes group work with students so they can collaborate and develop further insights around

    • Assessing their own sleep habits and the amount of sleep they are getting compared with sleep recommendations.
    • Understanding why they may not be getting the sleep they need and how this affects their physical, psychological and emotional health.
    • Clarifying their top motivations for getting more sleep.
    • Making improvements in four key areas.

    Part 1: Presentation

    Presentation to the entire year group based on the course content (see previous page). During the presentation the students will complete a worksheet (provided) based on their own sleep habits relating to each topic.

    Part 2: Group Work

    Consists of groups of approximately 8-10 students. This interactive and creative group work element allows the students to openly discuss and answer the assigned group questions on their worksheet.

    Part 3: Group Work Presentations

    Include findings which are reported back to the entire year group.

    Bonus: A summary report of the group work can be requested for your school which includes student feedback, as well as insights and recommendations. This report is very useful for teachers, wellbeing staff and school counsellors/ psychologists so they can increase their awareness and provide related ongoing support.

    Pre Program: Staff instructions, parent letter and student workbook with sleep diary will be forwarded to your school. The students are requested to complete one week of their two week sleep diary prior to the workshop for maximum benefit.

    Post Program Support: The Sleep Connection will work with your school to provide post workshop support for the students, along with suggestions for a whole school approach.