Is your child getting the sleep they need to best support their learning, emotional and physical health?

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Is your child getting the sleep they need to best support their learning, emotional and physical health?

Over 30% of primary school children and 70% of teenagers are sleep deprived. In fact as a group, Australian adolescents rank as the third most sleep deprived in the world.

Focusing on sleep health in schools and in the home is vital as we become increasingly aware of the relationship between sleep deprivation and poor academic outcomes, psychological problems, reduced school attendance and increased risk-taking behaviours

Good quality sleep helps:

  • Optimise learning, memory and concentration
  • Support our emotional health and wellbeing
  • Promote positive behavior and decision making
  • Improve energy levels and promotes healthy growth, metabolism and immune system

Read below to learn more about the role sleep plays in your childs effect of sleep deprivation in the school environment and the options to empower you to play a role in helping students improve their sleep health.

Sleep for Children and Teenagers

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  • Why sleep is important
  • Amount of sleep required
  • Signs you may be sleep deprived
  • Effects of Insufficient Sleep
  • Sleep thieves- causes of insufficient sleep
  • Common Sleep problems


The Sleep Connection

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“Sleep to be a Smarter Happier Healthier you” program for students, parents and teachers.
To learn more come to a parent education session hosted by your school. For more information visit Program Overview.

Smart Sleep Habits

As parents we play a vital role in ensuring our children get the sleep they need to best support their learning, emotional and physical health.
For Smart Sleep Habits you can implement now visit Smart Sleep Habits. Of particular significance are the extra sleep tips for parents.

Professional Help

When to seek Professional Help

Seek advice from a health professional if you’re concerned that problems with sleep, however mild, are having an impact on your child’s life in terms of wellbeing, school, relationships or home life. Also seek help if the problems are making your child anxious, or if they persist for more than 2-4 weeks.

Where to seek professional help



(Note-SleepShack does not require referral from GP)

SleepShack is the clinically proven, online sleep program for pre-teens* (10-12 years) and teenagers (13-18 years). SleepShack provides a personalised Sleep Treatment Plan developed by Paediatric & Adolescent Sleep Physician Dr Chris Seton, and Clinical Psychologist Dr Amanda Gamble. The treatment is specifically based on the Doctors assessment of your son or daughter’s sleep.
For more information & to determine if your child would benefit from sleep treatment read more here- SleepShack. If you have further questions that are not answered by the program explanation you can fill out a contact form or simply email

Face To Face

Woolcock Paediatric & Adolescent Sleep Clinic

Visit your GP. If you require a face to face appointment you will need to request a referral to Woolcock from your GP.

The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research has developed a comprehensive Paediatric and Adolescent Sleep Service which treats sleep disorders in young people from birth to
18 years. This includes Australia’s only interdisciplinary sleep clinic for young people, where Sleep Paediatricians, Paediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeons and Adolescent Sleep Psychologists work together to provide a comprehensive service under one roof.
Specialists can diagnose and treat all sleep issues, including Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder, insomnia, restless legs syndrome and sleep walking.

For more information visit Paediatric and Adolescent Sleep Clinic

To contact:

Dr Chris Seton – Adolescent & Paediatric Sleep Physician
Call 0423 523 840

Dr Amanda Gamble-Adolescent & Paediatric Sleep Psychologist
Call 0414 108 100