The Sleep Connection

Meet Lisa Maltman

Founder and Owner of The Sleep Connection

Lisa Maltman is the founder and owner of The Sleep Connection and is passionate about improving lives through healthy sleep.

Lisa established The Sleep Connection to address the growing concern around the impact that insufficient sleep is having on many of our younger children, along with approximately 70% of our adolescents. This can have serious consequences on learning, motivation and mental health.

Lisa has worked with more than 100 schools across public, catholic and independent sectors in multiple states in Australia. Lisa specialises in helping students, staff and parents thrive in their overall physical and mental health, school performance and family lives through her interactive programs and workshops.

Lisa is an invited speaker at key Australian mental health and wellbeing conferences. Lisa has a unique ability to inspire change, sharing the message from three perspectives:

  1. Professional-as a sleep educator with a background in treatment of sleep apnea and corporate health.
  2. Family-living the reality of her message as a full-time working mother of two teenagers.
  3. Personal-as someone who in the past has been personally impacted by chronic insomnia and understands the impact and road to recovery.

Lisa looks forward to sharing the “Sleep for Better Health, Resilience and Performance” message with you.

About The Sleep Connection

Quality sleep is vital for optimal wellbeing and performance. The Sleep Connection aims to work together on improving the Health, Resilience and Performance of your School or Corporation.

School & Community Programs for Students, Staff and Parents

Many of our younger children and approximately 70% of our teens do not get the sleep they need. This can have negative consequences for their learning, motivation and mental health. The Sleep Connection provides a simple, yet effective framework to help students, parents and staff:

  • Increase their awareness of the causes and effects of this insufficient sleep
  • Assess their own sleep habits and empower them with knowledge, motivation and practical strategies to improve their sleep health
  • Deliver information on pathways to treatment for those who require professional help
  • Equip school with ideas they can implement for a whole-school approach to becoming a“sleep smart school”

Please Find Our School Program Overviews Below

Corporate Wellbeing Programs

Approximately 40% of Australian adults experiencing some form of inadequate sleep.*

The Sleep Connection delivers corporate wellness sleep programs to address the growing concern regarding the impact insufficient sleep is having on the wellbeing and productivity of both individuals and organisations.

Source: The Sleep Health Foundation Special Report-Asleep on the job: Costs of inadequate * sleep in Australia.