About The Sleep Connection

The Sleep Connection was established by Lisa Maltman to meet the growing need to educate students, teachers and parents in schools on the importance of sleep health.

Lisa is passionate about healthy sleep and concerned about the fact that over 30% of primary school children and 70% of teenagers are experiencing sleep deprivation.

Lisa Maltman

CEO and Founder

This is having significant consequences on many areas of their lives such as:

  • Learning & memory– sleep helps concentration and motivation along with consolidation and strengthening of new information and memories.
  • Emotional & mental health– studies show children and teenagers who are sleep deprived are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, negative body image and low self-esteem.
  • Behaviour & decision making– sleep deprivation affects decision making capacity, has a negative effect on relationships and increases risk of accidents.
  • Body systems– sleep deprivation affects children’s physical growth, brain development, immune system and plays a key role in weight gain.

Lisa trained as registered nurse and has spent much of her career in medical sales, corporate and sleep health. She is a mum of two daughters of primary and secondary school age.

The Aim of The Sleep Connection is to:

  • Create awareness amongst students, parents and teachers of the current levels of sleep deprivation in students and the effect this is having on all aspects of their lives
  • Empower participants with the knowledge, practical strategies and tools to make informed decisions regarding their sleep health.
  • Deliver information on pathways to treatment for those who require professional help.

The Sleep Connection delivers a comprehensive solution through collaboration with specialists from Woolcock Paediatric and Adolescent Sleep Clinic and SleepShack, which delivers the clinically proven online sleep program for pre-teens and teenagers.

To learn more about what the “Sleep to be a Smarter, Happier, Healthier you” program has to offer your school community, see our program overview.